Bryllite Beyond the Game Boundaries:
Global game asset transfer platform

Give gamers ownership of game assets
Distributed database beyond the boundaries of the game
Provide fast and safe trading of game assets without transaction fees

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What is the Bryllite Platform?

It is a global game asset consolidation platform that allows gamers to safely store game assets, as well as make safe transactions without any intermediaries or fees.

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Why Bryllite?

image : Bryllite 플랫폼 구조

The Bryllite block chain network is configured as a master node and uses the bridging service to create transactions. The Bryllite game server will provide an external DB service for legacy games. The extention of these functions will be enabled by the legacy game server which is integrated using Bryllite API. This allows for the implementation of interconnected game content.

Bryllite Coin Benefits

Benefits to Gamers

  • - Currency features and revenue.
  • - The ability to move and trade assets between games.
  • - The freedom from being locked into a game.
  • - The chance to maximize revenue from event block compensation.

Benefits to Developers

  • - Improve the effectiveness of marketing and game activation.
  • - Increase sales from the increase in market volume.
  • - Development costs for Integration is supported.
  • - Game developers can focus on game content.
  • - New game barriers to entry are reduced.
  • - Developers will gain a better reputation among users.

Benefits to Investors

  • - Building an external blockchain database that is trusted and shared by gamers across different games will create more business opportunites than can be imagined.

Global Game Market

Global Game Market Size

The global game market is expected to exceeed $100 billion and reach $130 billion by 2020.

Obstacles in trading game assets

Trading game assets may violate terms of use, the lack of trust, and high brokerage fees.

The big debate: Ownership of game assets

According to the unilateral and unfair terms of use provided by developers, ownership of game assets are strictly owened by the developer. Gamers are subject to strict contracts.

Issue of Blockchain

  • - 51% Attack & Double Spending Issue
  • - Sybil Attack
  • - DDoS Attack
  • - Nothing at Stake Issue

Ten Features of the Bryllite Platform

  • Decentralized

  • Trust-less Game Asset Deal Without Transaction Fee

  • Fastest Transaction

  • Asset Transfer Beyond Game

  • Auction System

  • Smart Contract

  • Easy to Use

  • Device Free

  • Open Source

  • Community Support over Game

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  • The Beginning of Bryllite

    2018 Q3

    • - Bryllite Core Development ( Bryllite Master Node / Observer Node, Excluded Light-weight Node )
    • - Bryllite token exchange listing

    2018 Q4

    • - Bryllite Bridge Service Development
    • - Bryllite Server/Client API Development
    • - Bryllite Platform Test-Net Launching
  • The Dawn of Bryllite

    2019 Q1

    • - Cyprus Network Implementation
    • - Bryllite Platform Main-Net Development
    • - Partner Developer Game Integration Reference

    2019 Q2

    • - Bryllite Platform Main-Net Launching
    • - Bryllite Token -> BRC exchange
    • - BRC listed on major exchanges

    The Sunrise of Bryllite

    2019 Q3

    • - Legacy Game Asset Converting Development
    • - Bryllite Light-weight Node Development ( Gamer Personal Wallet Support, PC/Mobile/Web )

    2019 Q4

    • - Smart Contract Support
  • The Brilliant Sunlight

    2020 Q1

    • - Bryllite Platform Service Development: Auction System

    2020 Q2

    • - Bryllite Platform Service Development: Community System

    2020 Q3

    • - Extended Bryllite Platform Service Development